ShedTitan - Making Pet Parenting & Grooming a Joy

Who are we?

We're ShedTitan. A pet grooming tool brand on a mission to "Make Pet Grooming a Joy!" for Pet Parents.

Since 2013 we've specialized in offering high quality pet grooming tools to fulfill the many grooming needs of your beloved pets.

We believe grooming shouldn't be a frustrating chore but rather a fun joyful bonding time with your pet.

Our goal with ShedTitan is to improve the life & strengthen the bond of you and your pet.


1. With our premium grooming tools that make grooming easy, fun, & joyful.

2. Creating an engaged community of animal lovers, to learn from each other and talk about our shared obsession for our furry friends!

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Make friends, learn cool tips AND win prizes just for posting pictures of your furry friend?!