About Us

About us

Hi there, we're ShedTitan!

We're a pet grooming tool brand on a mission to "Make Pet Grooming a Joy!"

Since 2013 we've specialized in offering high quality pet grooming tools to fulfill the many grooming needs of your beloved pets.

Our name "ShedTitan" comes from our flagship product that was first introduced back in 2013. A unique pet deshedding brush that reduces shedding named the "ShedTitan Pet Deshedder".

Since then we have developed more products and plan on offering many more in the future.

Our goal at ShedTitan is to improve the life & strengthen the bond of you and your pet.


1. With our premium pet grooming tools that make grooming easy, fun, & joyful.

2. Creating an engaged community of animal lovers, to learn from each other and talk about our shared obsession for our furry friends!

Come join our ShedTitan 30 Day Pet Photo Challenge

What is the ShedTitan 30 Day Pet Photo Challenge?

It's our unique Pet Photo Challenge where we are challenging you to post a picture of your pet for 30 days.

It's a great bonding experience with your pet and fellow pet parents where you'll also win cool prizes!

What do we hope to achieve?

Beyond just capturing your memories, we hope that after 30 days of having fun taking pictures - your bond with your pet might grow, your appreciation for the little things might increase & that you'll have had a blast winning prizes and making new friends.

Also, according to the research ... it's been scientifically proven that by looking at, at least 3 dog or cat photos per day, your joy level increases by exactly 1,000%.

Okay, no… we made that statistic up 😹 LOL

BUT, if there was ever to be a study of this sorts, we’re certain it’d be even greater!

Anyways, we joyfully invite you and your furbaby to join our fun community.

Partake in the bonding, advice, friendship and the most adorable pics!

We cannot wait to get to know you and your pet! See you on the inside